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Freedom for you and your dog.

 Leash Pulling  

Does your dog start pulling as soon as you open the door? Does he stay out in front of you instead of by your side? We can fix this in one session, usually less then 90 minutes it will take. With the proper tools and teaching you the proper way to use and handle them, you can have your dog walking by your side and paying attention to you. Lead your dog. Don't let your dog lead you!

Price $100(Includes herm springer prong collar)

Private one on one (6 lessons package)

This is a 3 to 6 week course depending on how fast your dog progresses. One hour minimum each session once or twice a week. Think you have the confidence and time to train your dog to have off leash freedom? We can teach you the proper way to train your dog to have off leash freedom using the ecollar. You will learn, and use the ecollar on myself before you ever put it on your dog. The only thing that will be taught during this course is teaching you the proper way to use the ecollar and introducing it to your dog. Learning low level ecollar techniques is like learning a new language for your dog, and doing it the wrong way will do more harm than good. This is why our two week board and train is highly recommended. We do all the work for you upfront and then show you how to continue, and maintain the training.

Price $400 for each for 6 lessons to use at your convience.

Four week board and train.


Your dog wants nothing more but to follow and please you. He just needs to be shown how and what is expected of him. Dogs are followers by nature, and would rather follow then lead. As their leaders we are expected to give them that leadership and show them what is expected of them. 

That is where our two week board and train come's into play to help teach your dog what is expected of them so you can give them that leadership that they desire and deserve.

At the end of the board and train your dog will know and understand all of the following commands whether by your side or at a distance.


Sit: He/she will be able to sit when given the command and stay seated until released by you.

Down: He/she will go in the down position and not release until given the command to release.

Place: Place is different from command as they are directed to a specific place or object and then give the sit or down command.

Off leash recall: They will come to your side when called no matter where they are, or what the distraction is. This is giving freedom to your dog to actually be a dog and you not have to worry whether they will come back or not to your side.

Threshold: Your dog will be trained to sit at door threshold until giving the command to exit or enter back inside.

We can also help with the following problems

  • Pulling on the leash

  • Scratching

  • Biting

  • Excessive barking

And many others, but the best part your dog will learn to follow and let you lead. A dog that feels they have to lead is a very stressful dog and we can help eliminate that stress.

All dogs that go through our system is conditioned to learn and understand the ecollar. We never use cheap and inconsistent brands that you can buy at most retail chains. These are cheap and won't work on the low and consistent levels that we use. We only use the top brands such as ecollar technology or Dogtra brands which are also sold at Cabella's. These collars work on low levels that humans can't even feel or if they do it is very minimal. 

Price $2000.00 (which includes the mini educator ecollar

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